Plenary Lectures:


S. Haroche, College de France, "Non-demolition photon counting and field quantum state reconstruction in a cavity: a new way to look at light"

M. Quack, ETH Zürich, "Theory and Spectroscopy of Parity Violation in Chiral Molecules "

J. Kluge, GSI Darmstadt, "Precision Experiments with Heavy Ions"

J. Schmiedmayer, TU Vienna, "AtomChips: Integrated circuits for matter waves"

F. Riehle, PTB Braunschweig, "Optical Atomic Clocks at the Frontiers of Metrology"

A. Weis, Univ. Fribourg, "Alkali Atoms, Dimers, Exciplexes and Clusters in 4He Crystals"

M. Scully, Princeton University & Texas A&M U., "Generation of Short Wavelength Radiation via Coherent HyperRaman Superradiance"

G. Tino, Univ. Florence, "Cold Atom Interferometry for Gravitational Experiments"

Ch. Blondel, LAC Orsay, "Photodetachement microscopy in a magnetic field"

P.B. Corkum, NRC Canada, Ottawa, "Laser Induced - Tunneling, Electron Diffraction and Molecular Orbital Imaging"

A. Scrinzi, TU Vienna, "Few-electron dynamics in the interaction with strong fields"


Invited Progress Reports:


R. Wester, Univ. Freiburg, "Molecular Reaction Dynamics at Low Energies"

M. Knoop, CNRS Marseille, "1, 2, 3 Photons for Trapped Ion Spectroscopy"

M. Richter, PTB Berlin, "Non-linear Photoionization in the Soft X-ray Regime"

U. Becker, Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG, Berlin, "Multi-photon ionization and excitation oft the rare gases by Free Electron Laser radiation"

J. Hecker-Denschlag, Univ. Innsbruck, "Ultracold deeply-bound Rb2 molecules"

P. Barker, UC London, "Manipulating cold molecular gases with intense optical fields"

J. Crespo, MPI f. Kernphysik, Heidelberg, "Soft X-Ray Laser Spectroscopy on Trapped Highly Charged Ions at FLASH"

V.L. Sukhorukov, Rostov State Univ., "Resonances in Rare Gas Atoms: Many-Electron Theory and Experiment"

R. Kienberger, MPI f. Quantenoptik, Garching,  "Attosecond spectroscopy in atoms and condensed matter"

J. Mauritsson, Univ.Lund, "Above, Around, and Below Threshold Ionization using Attosecond Pulses"



Evening Lecture

R.F. Curl jr., Rice Univ. (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996), "A Brief History of Elemental Carbon"